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Museum of English Rural Life Garden in Autumn


Museum of English Rural Life



Set amid the commotion of Reading, The Museum of English Rural Life brings a stark contrast to its surroundings. It challenges perceptions about rural England by revealing the historical and contemporary relevance of country life.

Our challenge was to realign the MERL’s marketing strategy to help them grow their advertising potential.

Drills & Sowers poster alongside artefacts in MERL Gallery
Museum of English Rural Life Building
MERL School Visitors to collections

Build compelling, image-led digital and physical campaigns.

Campaigns targeted to increase the email user base and encourage new visitors.

Generates an increase in museum visitors.


We worked with the marketing team to introduce email campaigns, website improvements and external advertising campaigns which helped align the museum with digital developments.


We crafted a template for engaging, image-led email newsletters to allow the marketing team to reach out and inform subscribers of upcoming events, lectures, and exhibitions.

Research and testing allowed us to ensure users responded to image-led marketing.

Why not sign up to their mailing list?
(It’s really good, we promise)


iphone-X Edges
iphone-X Edges
iphone-X Edges


Impactful and informative marketing not only enticed users to the museum but also to join the mailing list and become regular visitors, building a community.

MERL Printed Marketing collateral


The email campaigns have driven traffic to the website and in turn visitors to the museum for events and exhibitions.

On average, the open rate has been 23.4% above the sector average and the click-rate a huge 13.2% above the sector average.